Peter Krinninger

Born and raised in the beautiful Werdenfelser Land at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Peter was in his early ages traveling in the mountains. He conducted many outdoor sports and was a successful athlete, as well as studied sports and biology (teacher), is a certified physical education teachers and instructor, and was among others longtime ski school and had several functions in alpine ski racing. Since his youth, he is a passionate photographer. Peter have many trips and expeditions photographed and filmed.

Peter loves to travel and was professionally and personally in many countries. Since he is doing a lot of sports in his free time, he had been thinking for quite some time to do a long bike trip. So he decided to cycle prior to Southeast Asia and to report it on his website Peacebiking.de. Peter is dedicating the trip to one evident project:

In peace by Peter Krinninger

• The global political situation, wars, ethnic conflicts and different religious views influence the route in many respects.
• The nature of positive mood and peaceful relations among people, the many ethnic groups, Religions and livelihoods should give all people a very important goal: to live in peace.
• Just this route, however, is accompanied by spots of political trouble and armed conflict in the north and south of the tour and conflicts in many other borders on the way.
• In my travels, I was confronted with many people and their circumstances and complex problems. I myself had the good fortune to be able to live in a peaceful region and era. Since it was only logical for me on this Bike ride out the fundamentals and the prospects for peace in the areas concerned if the situation allowed.

It is a lot of what Peter will encounter naturally and inevitably on his journey. This i the reason why Peter have chosen the term “Peace Biking”.


Peter Krinninger stayed at Trip&Sleep Hostel while in Belgrade, before heading forward to Southeast Asia.

Peter lives by the words of Mahatma Gandhi – “There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.”


On his blog you can read a compressed coverage of his itinerary, experiences and photos.