Street Parking

Our hostel is located in Parking Zone 2 – Yellow Zone. In this zone, you can buy the parking tickets for 1 hour (0.5eur/hour), 2 hours (0.5eur/hour) or daily ticket which is valid for 24hours (15eur).

The parking payment can be done in 2 ways:

PAYMENT VIA SMS (m-parking) – Text should contain only registration plate (no space between the numbers or letters), and for zone 2 (Yellow Zone) you should send it on +3819112.

PAYMENT AT THE PARKING CONTROLLER – buying the parking ticket at the parking controller. The ticket must be properly filled in and put to a visible position behind the windshield

*Parking on the street is free on weekdays from 9pm till 7am next morning, and on the weekends it is free from 2pm on Saturday till 7am on Monday.

Garages and Car Parking lots

Near our hostel there is:
– Garage “Obilićev Venac”, the address is Obilićev Venac 14-16, 5 minutes walking from our hostel, for the first commenced hour price is 0.6eur and for each subsequent hour price is 0.7eur
– Car Park “Donji grad”, the address is Karađorđeva 2, less than 5 minutes walking from our hostel, for each commenced hour price is 0.8eur

Parking for Buses

Near hostel, on the corner of Pariska and Gračanička street, there is a place where buses can drop-off/pick-up,  with stopover no longer than 10 minutes.

Buses can be parked at:
– Bus Park in Železnička 4 street and price is 0.8eur for each commenced hour
– Bus Park “Milan Gale Muškatirović”, Tadeuša Košćuška 63, and price is 1.5eur for each commenced hour